Interview w/ William Lam on Mac Mini vSAN (MacCloud)

Enjoyed my conversation w/ William talking about my ghetto MacCloud setup.  You can read the interview here:

Some things people have asked me for clarification:

  1. We are using Mac Mini 'Server' versions.  These have two drives by default.
  2. You can get a kit to add a second drive to the standard mac mini version.
  3. Mgmt and VM traffic flows over Standard vSwitch0 (Onboard as Uplink)
  4. vSAN and vMotion flows over dVS (Thunderbolt as Uplink)
  5. Onboard 1Gb and Thunderbolt 1Gb adapter
  6. Booting to USB thumb drive plugged into the back of the Mac Mini w/ ESXi.
  7. vCenter is a vCSA built and running on another vCenter instance.
 Here is what it looks like configured:


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