Mac: Background flashes, Dock not showing up...

Not sure what caused this as I hadn't done anything unusual w/ my Mac for awhile.  Long story short, some preference in my user profile was causing this issue.

In particular, the thought it was my dock preferences, but I had to delete my everything under my user's ~/Library/Preferences to get my account back and working properly.  You should have only to do the following:

Delete ~/Library/Application Support/Dock
Delete ~/Library/Preferences/

Here is screenshot by screenshot on how to do this:

  • Select Go --> Go to Folder... in the Finder Menu
  • In the Go to Folder... Pop-Up enter "~/Library" as shown in the screenshot below.
    • It is case-sensitive so L must be capitalized.  (May not be the case)
    • The ~ symbol stands for /Users/Current_Logged_In_UserName/
  • In the Library folder, expand "Application Support" and delete the "Dock" Folder.
  •  In the Library folder, expand "Preferences" and delete the
  • Logout and Log back in.  
  • If the problems persist, reboot.  
  • If they still continue, then you may need to delete everything under the "Preferences" folder. 
    • If the last one is attempted, you will lose all your user preferences.  If you are ok with that, then go for it.


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