Error: Issues information is not available at this time. (vCenter Appliance)

The above was a wonderfully descriptive error I would receive in the web client.  This started appearing after I removed individual nodes from a cluster and readded them back to inventory.  (was trying to clear some bunk HA errors)

Long story short, I had to open the C# client to find out what 'warning/error' it was complaining about.  Quite simply, I had forgotten to re-add the hosts back into the vDS and migrate the vMotion/vSAN vmk connections.

Man-o-man, I see why so many people complain about the web client.

The upside to the story was I found out a couple of things about vSAN.

  1. Having a 3-node cluster minimum, I was able to remove and re-add each host back into the cluster with no issues to VM's running on each host.
  2. Even w/ the vDS problem, vSAN kept chugging along w/ VM's running just fine.
  3. In other words, even without vCenter managing things, the ESXi hosts kept everything running just fine.
  4. This was on my mac mini vSAN cluster.


Bennett said…
I don't remember exactly what the error was, but I had a very similar nondescript issue while building my cluster the first time. Net was - I blew it away and rebuilt it.

I didn't get as far as clustering the 3 machines, so I am wondering if it had something to do with what you found.

I agree - web client is sometimes pretty bad. I use it more than I should since I'm trying to leverage more cli and scripting.

Anonymous said…
I had the same problem. I had to re-add the host to a vDS. In the host virtual switches list, there was a vds showing no uplinks... very strange because I use such vds to management traffic. So it appears to be a gui problem. If the vds had no uplinks, how I was acessing the host? Host wasnt in the vds related objects, but the host had such vds. So I re-added the host to the vds.
pkiran78 said…
I am getting same issue and my management traffic is going through vSwitch.
I have VDS configured but I am using it for VSAN and vMotion traffic.
Can you please help in such scenario.
pkiran78 said…
I am getting same issue but my management traffic is via vSwitch.
I am using VDS for VSAN and vMotion traffic.
I am using vCenter 6.5
Can you please help in such scenario.

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