VMware: Invalid Configuration for device # when deploying OVF/OVA...

Ran into this message when attempting to import an OVF/OVA to vCenter via Web Client from a Mac.  Not all OVA/OVF's have this issue.

  • Upload and deploy from a Windows system
    • OR
  • Upload and deploy to a local datastore if available.
    • OR
  • Use OVFTool to deploy
    • Example:
      • ovftool -ds=NameofTargetDatastore -n=NameYouWantVMtoBe --acceptAllEulas --net:bridged=NameofDVSorStdPortGroupYouWantVMattachedTo C:\Path\Turbonomic.ova vi://username%40mysubdomain.myrootdomain.suffix@vCenterNameorIP/virtualDatacenterName/host/ClusterName
        • %40 translates the @ symbol for the OVFTool if you need to authenticate using standard AD UPN or SSO domain user.
        • If Linux/Mac, replace C:\Path\Turbonomic.ova with /Path/Your.ova
        • -net:bridged switch is optional and can also be different depending on how the OVF has that parameter defined.
        • Target is Cluster assumes DRS enabled, go one further down and put hostname after cluster if DRS is not available.
    • OR
  • Use Import-vApp cmdlet from PowerCLI
    • Example:
      • $OVAConfig = Get-OVFConfiguration C:\Path\Turbonomic.ova
        • $OVAConfig.NetworkMapping.NAT.Config = "NameofVMPortGroup"
          • This particular setting is VERY specific to the Turbonomic OVA.  Other OVA's may have several other configurations/properties you may need to provide.
      • $TargetCluster = Get-Cluster NameofCluster
      • Import-vApp -Source C:\Path\Turbonomic.ova -VMHost ($TargetCluster | Get-VMHost | Select -First 1) -Datastore ($TargetCluster | Get-Datastore NameofDatastoreYouWant) -Name NameYouWantRegistered -OVFConfiguration $OVAConfig
        • This cmdlet requires a vmhost target, this example shows how you can target a cluster and have it deploy to first host in the cluster.
        • This demonstrates how you can target a datastore that belongs to the cluster you are targeting for deployment by name.
        • Name you want the OVA to be.
        • OVF Configuration specified to be passed.
Specifically ran into this deploying to a datastore backed by a FC array.  It ONLY fails when attempting to deploy from MacOS to an FC backed datastore using the web client.  Targeting a locally backed datastore worked fine.  I could deploy just fine from a Windows systems to that same FC backed datastore.  Seems to be a bug w/ Mac VMware Client Integration Plugin at least w/ 6.0 version.


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