VMware: vSAN 6.6 not showing all available disks when attempting to claim...

Was going through and attempting to setup new vSAN cluster but noticed that the wizard was only showing 3 of 4 disks from 3 of 4 hosts and 0 disks from another host.  This appears to be by design where the setup wizard will only target disks that have 0 partitions.  Makes sense.

This, however, is not obvious in the setup.

Simply delete any partitions from those disks that you'd like to have vSAN claim.  You can do this enmasse via PowerCLI or the Web Client interface (as pictured below).
[Warning: This is a destructive process so be sure that you know absolutely for certain that you are targeting the correct storage devices.  This is especially true if you plan to script this process.]

Erase Partition in Web Client
The above process would suck if you were doing it against a large cluster, so learn to do it in powershell or some other automated method.

PowerCLI Method:
$TCluster = Get-Cluster TargetClusterName
$TVMHosts = $TCluster | Get-VMHost | Get-View
Foreach ($VMHost in $TVMHosts)
    $ConfigManager = Get-View $VMHost.ConfigManager.StorageSystem
    #Spec defined and left blank to clear partitions
    $Spec = New-Object vmware.vim.hostdiskpartitionspec
    #I'm simply targeting all naa devices and those that state local disk. 
    #Reality is that you'd probably want a more in depth filter on the devices you target. 
    #My case was a new set of hosts, so this worked for me.
    $TargetDisks = $VMHost.config.StorageDevice.scsilun | Where {$_.DevicePath -match "naa." -and $_.LocalDisk -eq "true"}
    Foreach ($Disk in $TargetDisks)
        $ConfigManager.UpdateDiskPartitions($Disk.DevicePath, $Spec)
Side Note:
vSAN claimed disks have a protection mechanism against being erased via above defined method.  Any partitions that it runs into claimed by vSAN will be met w/ an exception of "Cannot change the host configuration"
If you for some reason need to delete those partitions, then you'll like have to try this method:

vSAN: Rebuilding an ESXi host that has vSAN claimed disks...


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