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I'm lazy, frugal, and easily bored.  When the prospect of going to workout comes up, I want someone to tell me what to do when I'm in the gym @ my random time and track my workouts for trending.  Being frugal, paying for a personal trainer is one thing, then I have to schedule time w/ them (laziness).  Personal trainers do satisfy my easily bored problem though w/ new workouts all the time.  This is where Fitbod, I think, is amazing.

Laziness, Frugality, and Boredom Solved!:

  1. First Fitbod solves my laziness problem by simply being available 24/7.  I don't need to schedule time to meet a trainer @ a gym to get a good strength training workout.
  2. Second, Fitbod solves my frugality problem by simply being free.  Although to access additional secondary functions (not absolutely necessary), I would have to pay a monthly or annual fee.  The in-app purchase is fairly cheap, but I was able to get on the Beta program which gives me free access to the Elite functions (SCORE!).  During testing periods anyway.
  3. Third, Fitbod keeps me engaged by not always doing the same exercises everyday, which is what I would do being as lazy as I am.  That laziness would also get me bored doing the same things over and over again.  It's also not conducive to building strength/muscle.  That is what makes Fitbod so great.

So here is how it works.  You simply fill out your physical details and your fitness level.  It'll ask you some physiological questions such as height and weight.  It'll also recommend setting up an account.  You can link to facebook for ease or create a custom login.  I recommend doing so your data is backed up and can be retrieved from any device.

The app now does walk you through on how to use it so should be easy to follow through.  If not, you can see my video below on how I use it (in my not so alluring voice).  The app also connects w/ Strava so it understands any cardio impact to your muscles to recommend workouts.  Cardio logging in Fitbod itself is coming or should be coming soon.  Lastly, it does sync w/ Apple Health as well.

Can't recommend this app enough.  An absolute gem in self-fitness.  That being said, I would still highly recommend working w/ a personal trainer if you are just starting out.  Their feedback and eyeballing of your personal movements/weights is essential for full effectiveness.  Once you have a general grasp, Fitbod can help you continue your fitness journey.

A friend of mine, Julius, just started their own fitness venture called Gladiator Fitness.  I've worked w/ him in the past when he worked at my company's gym in the FitTrip program.  He'll definitely get you fit, but be warned, it's not easy and he will make you feel pain. ;)

Anyway here is a short video on how I use FitBod:


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