Microsoft Word for Mac: Bullets not formatting properly.

Hard to quite describe, but I was working with an existing word doc and modifying some bulleted lists.  Needless to say, I was having some trouble w/ my normal methods of simply deleting a bullet and if it moved text to bullet above, hit enter to move it down.

This was not working.  Among other things it would reformat it in ways that just weren't working.  Found it that it had to do w/ "Track Changes" being enabled AND what seems to be 'too many' changes before they were accepted.

Accept all changes
Turn off "Track Changes"

Either one works, but I still wanted to track changes, so I left it on and simply accepted all changes.  After doing so, working with bulleted lists worked fine.  Seems like a bug that needs to be addressed.  I have been running Office Insider Fast Track, so that MAY be part of the problem, but leaving this here for reference.

MS Word for Mac version 16.16.3


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