NSX-T: vCenter and NSX-T Inventory out of Sync (Hosts in vSphere not showing up in NSX-T)

NSX-T loses synch w/ vCenter inventory, but statuses don't appear to show an issue.  Basically, you add a host to a vCenter cluster, NSX-T bits should start to automatically installing on new host.  Assuming you've created a Transport Node Profile and associated w/ the cluster.  The problem is that NSX-T doesn't see the new host and its link to the compute manager (vCenter) looks fine.
Looks fine, Y U NO WORK!?

So what's going on here? 
This appears to affect NSX-T 2.5 and 2.5.1.  Cause is unknown.

Restart the cm-inventory service on each NSX-T mgmt/controller node using API or CLI.

If you were to query the status of the cm-inventory via API or CLI, you could query all 3 manager/controller nodes and get a status of running.  Even if the primary node associated w/ the VIP, if configured, is not necessarily in charge of inventory.  So you could restart the cm-inventory service till you are blue in the face and get nowhere because another node is actually responsible for maintaining the sync. 

Even so, with this particular problem, they would all look healthy.  You'd have to dig into the logs to find the issue.  Thankfully Nathan Pyle from VMware helped us find the issue and provided us w/ a workaround solution until the bug is addressed in a future version.

API Method:
GET /api/v1/node/services/cm-inventory/status
POST /api/v1/node/services/cm-inventory?action=restart

CLI Method:
get service cm-inventory
restart service cm-inventory 


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