Misc: Installed some new tail lights from Hansshow on my Tesla Model 3


As a little treat for myself, I bought some real cool aftermarket tail lights from Hansshow as you can see from the video above.  Use coupon code "SARHANSSHOW" for 15% off.  I don't get a cut of any kind, but I like sharing.  Anyway, here is a wiring diagram I drew up to show how everything logically needs to be wired.  

If you want to support me and posts like this, you can order Tesla products via my referral link.  Honestly, their referral program these days is kinda lame in my opinion, but hey, you get something and I get something out of it.


For euro spec may be slightly different and 2021 models would use a 4-pin Adapter instead of a 3-pin adapter which is US specific and applies for 2020 models and older.  Basically, if you have a red turn signal, chances are that you have a 3-pin setup.

The only downside to these lights in older models is that the turn signal indicators light up in addition to a separate red brake light on these (Amber and Red).  Not a deal breaker for me, but something to keep in mind.  Otherwise, they work perfectly.

New Tail lights installed. Loving how these look. : TeslaModel3 (reddit.com) < Reddit Post where lots of good questions are answered.



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