0x8004100f Provider Load Failure (WMI)

This post is a little more technical than most, but I felt it important to post this because I could not find anything online to help me fix it. I would get this error when trying to pull up instances of the Win32_NetworkAdapter. To trace the problem I used this notification query string in WBEMTEST and asynchronously:

'Select * From MSFT_WmiSelfEvent'

Once run, I then repeated the error, and found an error occurred from a provider called BRCMGroup.

In short, all I had to do was uninstall a Broadcom provided CIM from add/remove programs (Broadcom Drivers and Management Pack, I removed CIM only). I hope this will help anyone out there dreading the idea of rebuilding their WMI repository.

UPDATE: My colleague has a more in-depth explanation of how to address this type of problem. Click here to read the entry related to my post.


Anonymous said…
Many thanks!

Had the same problem on a Dell notebook
and solved it in this way!
(Had been searching for a resolution a long time)

James said…
Brilliant! Just about to give up and re-install XP.

This problem actually gave me an 0x80041013 error, and I managed to force the 0x8004100f error somehow by accident about 15 minutes ago which led me here.

I also have been searching for a long time, and I also have a Dell notebook! Hmmmm?!?!

Thanks again
Eamonn said…
Thanks - just had this exact issue with a Toshiba laptop featuring those notorious Broadcom management programs.

Anonymous said…
You saved my life with this one. Had a dying windows 2000 machine that this fixed the issue to get it virtualized.

Anonymous said…
Fantastic. Thanks for this :). Solution fixed it right away.

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