Updated Permission Set for View 4.x Composer Role


This did not come to my attention until I found a use case for ‘local mode’ vm’s.  The following table contains updated permission sets for View 4.x when using local mode and the new Transfer server.  This is an update to my previous entry.


Privilege Group Privilege(s) to Enable
Folder Create Folder 
Delete Folder
Datastore Browse Datastore 
Allocate Space 
Low Level file operations
Virtual Machine Inventory (All Rights) 
Configuration (All Rights) 
Interaction > Power On 
Interaction > Power Off 
Interaction > Suspend 
Interaction > Reset 
Provisioning > Clone VM
Provisioning > Clone Template
Provisioning > Allow Disk Access 
Provisioning > Deploy Template 
Provisioning > Read Customization Specifications
Resource Assign Virtual Machine to Resource Pool
Global Enable Methods 
Disable Methods 
System Tag

NOT in the install guide: 
Global Tag
Manage custom attribute
Network Install Guide says (all), but I’ve only ever needed the following:
Assign Network
Sessions NOT in the install guide: 
Validate session 
View and Stop sessions
Host In Configuration:
System management


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