NFS Datastore appears inactive in vCenter


This was more of an annoyance for me, but essentially I had two NFS datastores that were mapped incorrectly to some ESX hosts.  Those datastores were unmounted and remounted w/ correct pathing using PowerCLI.  However, one host ‘seemed’ to hold onto the incorrectly mapped one.  This was only reflected in vCenter, not the host itself.


  • vCenter 4.1
  • ESX 4.0 U2


  • When attempting to unmount the following error appears:
    • The object has been deleted or has not been completely created
  • Connecting directly to the ESX host does not show these ‘inactive’ nfs datastores.
  • esxcfg-nas –l within TSM/SC on the ESX host does not show these ‘inactive’ datastores.


  1. Disconnect ESX host from vCenter
  2. Connect ESX host to vCenter.

This seems to help vCenter resolve the display issue.  For help on similar NFS issues, this search seemed helpful.


Anonymous said…
It was worked. Thanks!

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